Sweet Om Alabama Teacher Program

Our core mission is to expand yoga and the awareness of yoga. We are always interested in yoga teachers who want to work with some of the great agencies that want yoga programs as part of their treatment and or amenities. We work closely with teachers and agencies to start each program and provide the initial teacher stipend. As the program progresses we encourage the agency to transition as the primary payor. If you are interested please use the contact page to reach out to us.

Teacher Training

Sweet Om Alabama’s is committed to increasing our Outreach Teachers’ knowledge base on various methods of applying yoga to help to heal specific populations. We offer bi-annual continuous learning training workshops specializing in teaching yoga to our current and potential Outreach partner organizations. In 2015, we hosted teacher training seminars on Yoga for Trauma Therapy and Chair Yoga for Aging Populations. Our focus for 2016 will be Yoga & Mindfulness Practices for Children and Adolescents.

Outreach Scholarships

In addition to our specialized training, in 2017, Sweet Om Alabama will begin to focus on making our Outreach Programs more sustainable and streamlined inside each organization. We will do this through a 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training Scholarship Fund made available to existing partner organization personnel that has interest in teaching yoga as part of their current role. Our goal is to sufficiently train Program Managers, Counselors, Teachers, Physical Therapists and others who are already staffed inside the organizations to more effectively and efficiently reach their clientele through yoga.